Saturday, February 25, 2006

Textil 2005 Swedish Fiber Artists

Syntes 2004 by Britta Carlström

Intestinal loop by Ulla West

WOW, great site of Swedish Fiber Artists. I can't read most of it but I love the artwork. One of my favorites is Intestinal loop by Ulla West and Syntes 2004 by Britta Carlström. There also is a 12 page pdf catalog of the show, alas in Swedish and not English.

Fiber Art Sweden 2005

Fiber Art was formed1998 as a forum for contemporary textile art. FAS purpose is to create contacts and to circulate information, to work with exhibitions in Sweden and internationaly, to watch over and debate questions conserning the area.

The spring 2006 FAS had 38 members, most of them working in Stockholm.

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