Monday, January 04, 2010

My work was picked on the Saatchi Website

WOW I have been picked!! SAATCHI ONLINE TOP 10 CHOSEN BY CONSTANCE GOUNOD Saatchi Online deputy editor Constance Gounod selects 10 artists registered on Saatchi Online. Check out the link or click on the arrow below.

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Rayela Art said...

I couldn't figure out how to contact you on your website or here...

Your work is so gorgeous! I love it! Reminds me a lot of African beadwork...

I found you on a link list and felt that your site would fit in really well with a project I just started. It's still very new, but I hope you like it.

TAFA: The Textile And Fiber Art List.
(If the link doesn't work, copy and paste into your browser.)

The list is set-up on a blog format and may eventually move to a different platform, but for now it seems like this is working well. The concept is to bring the world of contemporary and cultural textiles and fiber art together under one umbrella (there is a certain aesthetic that I am sticking to like quality, presentation and community impact) in order to both network with each other and to access larger markets for all of us. I envision this list to include a wide spectrum of mediums and to have an international representation of both new and old traditions. It will be interesting to see how it develops, but already I am thrilled as it is only two weeks old and some wonderful people have come on board.

TAFA is funded by its membership fee of $25. There are no renewal fees. This can be seen as an inexpensive advertising opportunity, although there is a community aspect to it which I hope will be vibrant and fun for the members. Participation is completely voluntary. We have a closed group on facebook where members can share their work and network with each other. If you like the concept, you can go ahead and process the Pay Pal payment using the button on the membership fee. When that comes through, you will receive a list of what I need to set up your member profile on the TAFA list. I hope you do join! I think this is going to be wonderful for all of us!

All the best,

Rachel Biel